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Dusko Madzarovich is probably one of the most known names in amateur bodybuilding. Dusko was born on September 4th, 1967 to Dusan and Dragica Madzarovich in Ljubljana - Slovenija. His career as an athlete started at a young age, as a teenager he played footbal, swiming and rowing in Koper. He is a pioneer and one of starters of Slovenian bodybuilding, organizer of numerous contests like SLOVENIA OPEN (every year in October or November) and owner of most known CALIFORNIA Muscle & Fitness Club in Koper. Besides he won practically every competition in amateur bodybuilding, he proved his incredible strength on European Strongman Contest 1998 (Sapri, Italy), where he got 2nd place. As a trainer he is proud of many European and world bodybuilding awards in male and female competitions. He is also training many stars from other sports like basketball, football, sailing, volleyball and fight sports. Dusko has finished the university and got the diploma in airplane transports, he talks 5 world languages and he's the author of many articles of sport and sport nutrition.

His trainer is the italian two times WORLD CHAMPION - Ricky Ramazzina. They are collaborating successfully for many years now. With cooperation and a new system of training they are very successfull inovators in bodybuilding because their philosophy fundamentaly differ from previous. Dusko proved that on the World Championship 1999 by winning the first prize with unbelievable 115 kg and his fantastic shape and World Championship 2006 ( overall title ) with 118 kg.

Dusko and his younger brother Dejan, who is also a well known bodybuilder, are best known as
THE BARBARIAN BROTHERS. Dusko : »So I would like to thank my mom and father, my brother Dejan, my sons Luka and Timej, my girlfriend, my friends, my business partners and of course my fans for their support and encouragement. I couldn't have made it this far without You and together we will go further.«

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